Πύλος, Τάλαντα, Σύρος

We Love Wood

  • wooden favor vespa
  • Wooden favor frog
  • Wooden favors
  • Handmade wooden box for birth.
  • Wooden favors alphabet
  • wooden favor vespa for boys
  • Wooden favors aeroplane
  • Wooden favors kite
  • Handmade wooden favors duck
  • Wooden favor for Christening
  • Handmade wooden Christening favors owl
  • Handmade wooden wishbook
  • wooden wishbook
  • Handmade wooden wishbook
  • Handmade wooden stands
  • Floral birds Christening decoration
  • Wooden handmade sign
  • Wooden handmade christening boxes
  • wooden wishbooks
  • wooden wishbook
  • wishtree
  • Wooden favor
  • Wooden Button and Wooden Favor

Our love for wood is nonnegotiable and we like to create and give shape to every piece of wood. We Love Wood and therefore every new object that we design and manufacturer, we will raise it in this section in order to inform you and tell us your opinion. But do not stay just there .. have you ever seen something you really like? Have you considered something unique for your wedding or christening of your child and you don’t know where to find it? That is precisely what we want .. just let us know and we will design your own wooden invitation, wedding favor or decoration on your needs.